Wearables - Improve the quality of your life
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Wearables - Improve the quality of your life

Smart Wearables

The demand for smart wearables is on the rise. Wearable technology will be used to help record the world around us, control our environment and communicate information between one another.

Introducing dbChronicle bag - Allows you to personalize and carry your own video wherever you go!

Fashion and technology have been synergised by US designer Diana Broussard to produce this masterpiece that adds a panache of motion to fashion.

Your bag with a built in LCD screen can now play customised videos automatically, one after the other. Just like this:

dbChronicle bag is provided with USB cable to add/remove the videos. Simultaneously, the same cable can be used for recharging the battery with the electric plug, or use to recharge to PC/laptop.

For more information, contact, iot@iotonlinestore.com

Introducing WeON Glasses - Fashion Smart glasses that control your technological gadgets!

WeON Glasses are the first glasses ever, optical or sunglasses which interact with your smartphone or tablet. They offer you several functions, such as notifications, remote control, alerts in case of loss and customization. All of this is possible because WeON Glasses incorporate a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a battery, a multi-color LED set, a buzzer and two buttons. All these components are inserted into one of the frame temples. You will be the only one to knows it, because WeON Glasses boast a fashionable and appealing design, whether used as optical glasses or as sunglasses.

WeON glasses have their own app which is compatible with most smartphones and tablets that run on iOS 7 or Android 4.4 system with Bluetooth 4.0. Even if your phone is on silent mode or in your bag or pocket, if someone calls you, or you receive a chat message, an SMS, an update in your social networks, an e-mail, or an alarm for your date or meeting, WeON will notify you privately through your pre-selected light code (you can set the color and the intermittence of the signal). You only have to download the WeON app, available in iOS and Android, and choose when and how you want the LEDs to turn on and let you stay on top of your smartphone or tablet activity.


Introducing Omate Smart Watches - Connecting the world through a wearable experience

The Omate X is able to connect both Android and iOS smartphones and push notifications such as incoming calls, social media updates, reminders and more to your wrist.


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