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Smart Trackers

Introducing Trackimo GPS Tracker - Making Tracking Even More Brilliant

Trakimo uses state-of-the art GPS and cellular technology to coordinate with GPS satellites for precise tracking anywhere on the globe.

Use your smartphone or your computer to track Trackimo.  This device works in any place on the planet that has cellular reception.  Trackimo’s customized tracking frequency optimizes battery consumption, which extends battery life to 96 hours.

Trackimo will send alerts to your e-mail or to your phone via texts or the Trackimo app, which you can download on your smartphone.


Introducing Motion Cookies - The magical sensors that tune in to your wishes

Motion Cookies are the first essential members of the ever growing Sense Mother family.

They have the power to detect and understand the movements of objects and people. Small and slick, they can be affixed to almost anything.

Place a Motion Cookie on an object or person. It will capture and analyze its movements. It will recognize the specific actions you want to monitor and transmit them to your chosen Application.

Introducing Protag Smart Gadget - For peace of mind on the go!

Losing a phone is much like losing your life: contact lists, emails, calendars, Instagram, private photos… you name it. This is because each time you set down your phone, your brain isn’t paying attention. That is why the Duet is designed to help you notice your phone before it’s lost.


More than an anti-loss device. More than an app. Duet, and the PROTAG app, is an entire eco-system built to prevent you from losing your smartphone. Say goodbye forever to the panic, worry and frustration of losing personal messages, contact lists and selfie photos.


Introducing Gecko Bluetooth Tags - Your perfect Smartphone companion

Simply attach a Gecko tag to your keychain and pair it with your smartphone. You will be alerted with a phone alarm if you ever leave your keys behind!

Capable of two way communication with your smartphone, it can be used as a Phone finder and simple luggage tracker. Use the GeckoLink apps for  iOS and Android to pair and manage your GeckoLinks.


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