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Smart Shopping

IoT has a major role to play in smart shopping

As the 'Internet of Things' continues to expand, there are many opportunities and unique ways that retailers can integrate online interactions with in-store experiences. For starters, retailers can better understand shopping behavior within the store. Tracking technology on carts shelves, lights, cell phones, video cameras, and other items, can gather data on location, shopping pattern, products viewed, and items purchased.

SmartPointer is an integrated IoT solution focused on increasing the profitability of shopping centers.

The solution comprises a variety of options for stimulating demand. SmartPointer involves property managers, visitors, tenants and brand managers of global brands in this process.

The SmartPointer App allows shoppers to create their own itinerary while visiting a shopping mall. Shoppers exact location within the mall can be ascertained using a combination of technologies:

Benefits of SmartPointer

Surround visitors by rich informational content via several channels

Deliver a new consumer shopping experience

Obtain detailed information about visitor's behavior and routes

Analyze behavior in real-time, generate and deliver personal experiences to visitors

Impact to visitors and convert them to buyers

Involve tenants in the process of mall’s promotion

Increase ROI

Obtain deeper consumer satisfaction

Strengthen attractiveness to investors

Features and Analytics

While visitors are using SmartPointer in their mobile devices, on website, social networks or interactive stands to search shops, view events, plan routes, navigate to destination, filter catalogs, browse lists, edit profiles, use loyalty cards and just walking around shopping mall, SmartPointer captures and collects all data regarding consumer behavior.

That data is analyzed in real-time by special modules of SmartPointer. As a result, SmartPointer not only generates 'on-the-fly' reports but also stimulates purchases and can guide consumers to their destination.

In contrast to usual on-road navigation the shortest or the fastest route is not the best criterion for malls. SmartPointer builds the routes, using complex analytical models not only on the basis of the destination of the visitor, but in a way that:

Ensures consumers comfort (fast enough, not too long, to desired location)

Maximizes quantity of points of interests on the route that fit consumer expectation

Passes through areas of the mall that should be filled by traffic

Provides the visitor with interesting selection of stores

Maximizes customer purchases

This mechanics is fully automated. It makes thousands 'cycles analysis decision' per second. Staff of a mall are able to define the rules that guide the process.

For more information, download the SmartPointer brochure, here.

If you are interested in implementing SmartPointer Application, enquire here.

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