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Smart Payments

An essential component of the IoT ecosystem, is the payment gateway for online commerce

Check-n-Pay is a mobile payment service which allows users to get invoices directly to their mobile devices. Service providers can display invoices at their clients’ smartphones, tablets, computers, SmartTV and SmartWatch devices. Customers are able to arrange payments shortly after reading the invoice, with no additional information required.

The only thing the vendor needs to know is his customer’s mobile phone number.

Check-n-Pay is B2B oriented and is intended for all the companies that arrange payments with private customers directly via couriers and via their own shops, cafes, restaurants, parkings, fitness centers etc.

Check-n-Pay allows to issue invoices both for single and regular purchases.

How Does It Work?

Invoices for goods and services are issued in the provider’s system automatically or manually by an operator. After that Check-n-Pay sends notification of an invoice to a customer’s mobile device. Customers need no initial registration or additional applications. The notification contains a link to a web application which provides all invoice details, attached documents and photos of the goods.

When a client  receives the invoice he checks payment details confirms payment  and chooses payment  option.

Payment does not usually require any specific data and is handled by one action.

To achieve that the system uses banking details which have been once introduced into the payment getway page.

Once the payment is fulfilled, notification is sent to the merchant.

For more information about Check-n-Pay, download the brochure, here.

If you are interested in the Check-n-Pay Application, enquire here.


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