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IoT is set to revolutionise the healthcare and well being sector

As technology moves forward and data-transmission networks develop, the IoT (Internet of Things) can now evolve from the M2M (Machine to Machine) concept to a P2M (Person to Machine) relationship. In specific arenas, like health, social care, and wellness on the go, the P2M relationship enabled by a powerful interaction between smart objects (with sensors) and people revolutionises established service delivery processes, bringing real economic benefits and improving process effectiveness.

Introducing Wellograph - The smart activity tracker with an advanced heart rate sensor for holistic 24/7 wellness monitoring. The Wellograph can provide you with data on steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and average heart rate.

You can download a companion app for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone and sync the Wellograph, using Bluetooth 4.0 LE. You’ll pair the device when you first sync it, and after that, it’s a simple case of turning Bluetooth on and tapping the sync option in the app.


Introducing Ekuore Smart Stethoscope - Electronic and wireless

eKuore is the first wireless electronic stethoscope able to transmit auscultation sounds to smartphones, tablets and audio devices.

The ekuore smart App lets you share the phonocardiogram and sounds.

Introducing MYBIODY BALANCE - Helps you monitor and improve your health

MYBIODY BALANCE delivers an immediate body assessment and informs you of any excess or deficiency in your body balance. MYBIODY BALANCE will help you lose weight and keep track of your silhouette, maximize your athletic performance, and in the long term ensure better health.

Regular body assessments with MYBIODY BALANCE give you a day-to-day look at the impact of your diet and physical activity on your body.

With its innovative and exclusive technology, MYBIODY BALANCE gives you all the information you need to live better and age better. Learning the breakdown, by weight and by percent, among your body fat, your muscle mass, and your total body water can help you optimize your well-being and your health. You can look up all of these indicators and the history of your body balance in your personal account.

Introducing Ritmo Audio Pregnancy Belt - Music helps parents bond with a baby!

Ritmo is a comfortable, safe, and fun way to play music to your baby in the womb.

Ritmo provides an award-winning combination of state-of-the-art prenatal acoustic technology, versatility, and functionality.

RITMO connects seamlessly to your own audio player, so your baby will hear the sounds that are most important to you, from your favorite Beatles song to Dad reading a goodnight story.

Designed specifically for prenatal use, Ritmo's sound output is safe and ideal for a baby in the womb, and doubles as an excellent support belt for today's active mother.  Ritmo helps take the load off your mind and body.

Introducing Vitastiq - Health really matters

Vitastiq is a new and innovative device that provides insight into your vitamin and mineral levels. It provides personalized advice on improving vitality through the right choice of nutrients. Vitastiq gives you the power to maintain good health and the possibility of an improved quality of life.




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